Igor Kapkov public appearances

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing, and I love podcast interviews because they give me the opportunity to answer questions instead of just present my opinions.


Testing in production: there is a better way

RubyConf AU 2023

Testing in Production is a common CI/CD practice nowadays. However, feature flags and canary deployments can only get you so far. This talk will walk you through the Branch By Abstraction pattern and the tools to give you confidence when shipping your code to production because we should be able to move fast and break nothing.

Panel Discussion: DevOps Analytics, Monitoring & Observability

DevOps Summit VIC 2022

  • What are the business drivers behind your observability and monitoring strategy?
  • What is the difference between observability and monitoring?
  • What are the anti-patterns and barriers to observability in production?
  • Open source tools for observability VS traditional propriety vendors
  • Bradley Shawyer, Head of Engineering, Linktree
  • Neha Diwaker, Engineering Manager, ME Bank
  • Igor Kapkov, Head of Technology, Zepto

Functional programming concepts

IT Meetup Bali November 2014

Elixir for Erlang developers

IT Global Meetup 2

Introduction to Elixir

IT Life {Cool WebDev} May 2014